Innovate the Healthcare Flow
For Seamless Data Exchange


To enable the safe transfer of medical data to improve healthcare


Empower healthcare providers with tools for seamless care coordination and innovative healthcare.

Our Story

Our journey finds its roots in real-life experiences—a story that echoes the struggles of countless individuals grappling with healthcare complexities.

Our tale began when our founder stood by his mother's side as she faced a critical medical challenge. It was during this pivotal time that the seeds of change were sown.

Navigating the healthcare landscape resembles a burdensome quest—gathering fragments of medical history from different sources, enduring repetitive tests, and hemorrhaging time and money.

It was precisely these challenges that sparked a revolutionary idea. From the crucible of personal adversity emerged Long Health—an Interoperability and Communication platform. Longhealth

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Our Toolkit

Our Toolkit

Trustworthy Data Exchange

At Long Health, we ensure the safe and secure transfer of medical data, guarding against data theft or misuse.

Strict Privacy Regulations

We strictly adhere to national privacy policies and regulations, preserving the confidentiality of medical data by refraining from sharing it with third parties.

Direct and Transparent Interactions

We pride ourselves on open and secure communication. Our commitment to transparency ensures that every interaction is precise, honest, and trustworthy.

Patient Empowerment

We put the power in the patient's hands. From choosing their preferred healthcare providers to accessing their data anytime, anywhere, we grant patients complete control over their healthcare journey.