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Your Trusted Partner in this Data Exchange journey. Bridging the gap for swift, secure data sharing and improved care. The Long Health platform employs diverse methods to retrieve and transfer patient data across EHR systems seamlessly. Our process guarantees precise record identification, patient consent, and secure data consolidation and transfer.

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Exchange Policies with Long Health

You Get It Rolling

Once you partner with Long Health, you’ll complete an authorization form to empower us to gather and consolidate medical records for your patients.

We Contact Patients

We import each patient’s medical data and then notify the patient to review their Long Health record. In our HIPAA-compliant platform, patients let us know which providers are missing (gaps in their record).

We Gather & Consolidate

Long Health uses your authorization to gather gaps records and consolidate them into a single patient health record and closing any referral loops.

We Integrate with EHR

We push the data from the Long Health platform into your practice EHR. Patients can continue to access and review their record on Long Health. Any new provider records trigger another integration.

Embrace Early Adoption: Choose Long Health

Automate and Simplify: Streamline patient onboarding tasks through Long Health, saving time and reducing administrative burdens. From requesting outside records to authorizing data release, the process becomes seamless.
Eliminate Gaps: Say goodbye to information gaps that lead to duplicate tests and inflated costs. Long Health reduces wastage and ensures accurate patient data.
Superior Care Coordination:Empower with comprehensive patient insights, enabling improved care coordination, informed decisions, and personalized treatment.
Empower Patients: With Long Health, patients take control of their electronic health data. Elevate patient experience and attract new ones through modern, interactive care.
Stay Ahead of Regulations: Stay compliant with California Data Exchange requirements by adopting Long Health early. Be prepared for evolving regulations and ensure smooth data sharing.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider Long Health.

Elevate Your EHR with Long Health

EHR data migration is all about seamlessly relocating patient health records between electronic medical records systems. At Long Health, we've transformed this process into a dynamic data exchange. Our pioneering approach involves integrating patient data from diverse healthcare providers directly into your EHR.
Say farewell to manual tasks and hello to automated efficiency. Long Health ensures a seamless patient data exchange and consolidation, empowering you to provide exceptional care.
Step into the future of healthcare with Long Health's data-centric approach to exchange.

Making the Connection

Making the Connection

The Long Health proprietary platform uses a variety of methods to lookup and transfer patient data between EHR systems. For each approach, we ensure accurate record identification, patient and platform authorizations, and data consolidation and transfer. Whether you are pulling a patient’s record from one provider or multiple, the end result is a single, reliable and complete medical record for that patient.

Nationwide Framework

Participate in patient record sharing through the Carequality framework, which includes data from health information exchange networks, payers, providers, and others

Direct Messaging to Providers

In the Long Health app integrated with your EHR, you can directly message any member of your patient's care team, eliminating the need for phone calls, emails, or text messages. These messages can also be conveniently saved to your patient's medical record.


We help you efficiently stay connected with a widely used traditional approach to Fax, ensuring secure and compliant document exchange. Streamline your communications while maintaining confidentiality and meeting industry standards.

Long Health's Patient Onboarding Journey

Experience the future of medical records integration with Long Health's streamlined approach.

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