Long Health proudly announces its designation as a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO). As a QHIO, We streamline data exchange, ensure compliance with Data Exchange Framework (DxF) requirements, and provide enhanced access to patient information. By partnering with us, you can improve patient care and reach underserved communities, making healthcare more accessible for all.

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Why Choose
Long Health?

Seamless Data Exchange

Long Health facilitates a streamlined process to transfer critical patient data between healthcare systems, enhancing efficiency and coordination.

Improved Patient Care

We enable comprehensive insights into patient histories, treatment plans, and more, allowing for informed decisions and personalized treatment strategies.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Goodbye unnecessary costs and duplicate tests. Long Health helps eliminate information gaps and reduce wastage, contributing to cost savings and improved financial efficiency.

Compliance and Future Readiness

Stay ahead of evolving healthcare regulations in California. Long Health helps you comply with data exchange requirements, positioning you as a leader in healthcare technology adoption.

Personalized customer service for our providers

We understand the unique needs and challenges you face, which is why our dedicated team is committed to offering customized solutions that cater specifically to your requirements.

Elevate Your EHR with Long Health

EHR data migration is all about seamlessly relocating patient health records between electronic medical records systems. At Long Health, we've transformed this process into a dynamic data exchange. Our pioneering approach involves integrating patient data from diverse healthcare providers directly into your EHR.Say farewell to manual tasks and hello to automated efficiency. Long Health ensures a seamless patient data exchange and consolidation, empowering you to provide exceptional care.Step into the future of healthcare with Long Health's data-centric approach to exchange.

Make the Connection

Make the Connection

The Long Health proprietary platform uses a variety of methods to lookup and transfer patient data between EHR systems. For each approach, we ensure accurate record identification, patient and platform authorizations, and data consolidation and transfer. Whether you are pulling a patient’s record from one provider or multiple, the end result is a single, reliable and complete medical record for that patient.

Carequality Connection

Direct record search of the Carequality framework, which includes data from health information exchange networks, payers, providers and others.

Direct Messaging to Providers

For gaps in data identified by the patient, we message each provider directly with your authorization. With a few simple actions providers can initiate a record transfer.

FHIR API Patient Login

The patient logs in to the patient portal for the other provider and for Long Health and takes a few simple actions to initiate a record transfer.



I appreciate LongHealth, and CEO Rohit Patil personally helped me grasp the significance of this software for my practice. I'm very satisfied.

LongHealth assisted me with the AB 133 grant application, and I am grateful for their support.

Rohit Patil was extremely helpful and informative. I highly recommend him.

I'm pleased with how quickly I can access my patient's data with just one click. I use Athena as my EHR.

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